Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fantastic day, just 580 photos to process now

Photoshoot over, and we had a great time, making up photos stories and posing with all the decorative objects that make up the background of the lovely house we used.

Just a slight panic when I got home and uploaded all 580 photos and found only 250 on the computer and the memory card in the camera wiped clean. 

Just a complete meltdown actually - took me a gin and tonic to recover and find the photos tucked away in some stupid subfolder on the computer hard drive.  All photos backed up now, may have to consider a real computer this time, not just a second hand thing that can't handle the work load.

Tomorrow - processing, processing and more processing, that is after I remove and re-install half the programmes on the computer first to try to make them work all over again.  That will be the third time, I think I may have to concede defeat with this one.

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