Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - thread - photos

For damekiri:

This is a little balsa wood camembert cheese container, which was too nice to burn as kindling.

At a flea market I found a book of stamp information for a few cents and cut it up to just show the stamps, which I stuck to the lid with PVA glue, finishing with another layer of PVA to varnish and strengthen. The lid is then edged with some garden string.

The inside is lined with a page from a vintage book and edged with string again. As the tubs are not one piece but a circle of card and a loop of balsa it leaves a gap so if you try to put anything small like beads or earrings in, they would fall through, which is way I edged and filled the gaps with string.
I think I put the rest of the stamp book in my etsy shop.

 This is another box, made from a cardboard biscuit box, covered in Christmas Quality Street wrappers, which I am using to store my denim petals in.


Mumma Troll said...

I find myself with inspiration envy every time I read your blog. You have such a wonderfull talent for creating things and I am very jealous. I am more of a find an idea and copy it person and this blog is one of the first places I come. Thankyou for being so inspiring for me.x

Absinthe Fairy said...

my pleasure mumma troll, I am glad you enjoy it and that you find something useful in my inane rambling