Saturday, April 3, 2010

Not an April Fool - how to turn a kids poncho into a skirt.

On Thursday I was feeling quite fed up of the world, so decided that the best thing for me to do would be to hide myself away in my studio and not speak to anyone.

Whilst there and having a good old sort out through the rags and the donated items, I found this poncho, which had been given to Thea a couple of years ago which she had never worn - in fact I don't think it even found its way into the house, I think it went straight to the recycling bag.

With the off cut from the white skirt that went with the denim shorts, I decided to have a light hearted attempt at a fun skirt ready for next winter.

I unpicked the first two layers of the poncho to give a bit more width, then having hemmed the edge of the white skirt top, I threaded what was left of a glittery crochet scarf through the wool loops and sewed them to the white skirt. Then with a bit more of the glittery scarf, I decorated the skirt top and added a flower made from the wool I unpicked at the top of the poncho.

There you go a very quick poncho to skirt make over - it just needs an underskirt for the winter.
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