Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday

With April showers in full swing, we decided not to bother going to the flea market today and instead at the first opportunity this morning I skulked off into my studio, got the fire lit and a new selection of work in progress and projects lists lined up.

I had just finished embroidering a cushion cover as a gift for a baby shower, when Bren came wandering in looking a bit lost and declaring his boredom.

When I suggested a few little things he could be doing, he miraculously remembered something else he could be doing and wandered away.

I let out a pair of brand new unworn palazzo pants that I had been given in a recent swap, and was still finishing off the final seams when Bren came wandering back in, declaring boredom again.

At this point I gave in, and we had a monster family gaming session with cards, followed by a couple of games of Cluedo, then Monopoly where Thea took over the board and managed to bankrupt us both within the space of an hour and half.

Here's hoping that the weather is better tomorrow.
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Thea, your loving winning daughter said...

That's because I'm awesome =D

Absinthe Fairy said...

No Thea, that's because you cheat!

Damn The Broccoli said...

We made the mistake of introducing the Daughter to Monopoly. I think it may be her favourite game now.

Not having a TV means we tend to have family game sessions when she visits and normally this is the one she asks for.

I hate it, there is no room for skill at all. I played one game where before I had passed go I had been in jail three times. At that point the entire board was bought up and I had to spend an hour just giving away money.

You know it's bad when it is a relief to land on supertax!

Give me games where you can control the outcome through skill, not win on the role of a dice.