Friday, April 23, 2010

Dog days

Every dog has his day, so they say. Well this little pup had an exhausting one obviously.

I was puppy hunting today - nor for me but for a client - so I went to visit some new people and their puppies.

Hard to ask for a better afternoon, it's Friday, I finished work at 1.30pm, went to play with puppies, then sat and chatted with new friends in their garden over beer and nibbles in the sun.

By the time I got home the sky had clouded over, which meant I couldn't get out into the garden, but did give me a reason to break out my new wool.

I am not sure what I am knitting at the moment, it is my own pattern which I was hoping would make a nice beret, but it seems to have ..... er...... outgrown an average person's head.

Perhaps it will turn out to be a bag instead. Its a kind of wait and see knitting pattern.

I also did some cooking, but as it is intended for our dinner with friends tomorrow night, the recipe will have to wait so as not to spoil the surprise for them.

In the meantime - here is another gratuitous puppy photo...

...... and another one.......
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