Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swapped a rabbit ......

This is our polytunnel / greenhouse which we put up last year. We had a fantastic crop of tomatoes in it and are still eating various sauces I made and preserved in jars for the winter. I am looking forward to another lovely greenhouse full of tomatoes this year.

Anyway - today was a bit of a bits and pieces day. Started with an exchange.

We have several rabbits, two of which I discovered today are pregnant, we are going to be overun with bunnies this year.

So on the basis that we have several rabbits too many, I swapped one today (a female - possibly also pregnant already) for a huge sack of clothes and some new shoes for Brendan. There were also a couple of pairs of wellies both in Bren's size so he did quite well from the swap.

I got a lovely faux fur jacket in purple - matches my lovely new handbag - which was a gift from a friend. There was another faux fur in white but too small for me and I am not going to repeat what Thea said when she saw it.

Alongside the coats, there were also a couple of 70s suits in fantastic garish bright geometric patterns - which I have to say I love, some floral skirts, some tweed skirts and a smartish grey poplin skirt suit.

To be honest I think I got the better end of the deal, as I can forsee several very happy weekend wardrobe makeovers in my studio in the coming months.

Got my bounty home and then spent a happy couple of hours organising it into refashioning and material piles.

There was also a mohair and silk ribbon hand knitted jumper which had been shrunk in the wash, and I intend to spend the rest of the evening now unravelling and saving as much of the purple silk ribbon as I can (are you sensing the purple theme yet?).
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