Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick make over for a plain jacket

This jacket was in the bundle of clothes I received in my rabbit swap.

I do like it and the fit is good, but it just seemed a little too plain so I thought I would give it a very quick make over.

I took the scraps of underskirt left over from the cushion covers the other day, and cut them into long strips.

 Then with my trusty tailor's chalk again I sketched out a swirly pattern on the front of the jacket.

With some black wool, I stitched on the strips of underskirt along the pattern on the jacket.  I just used a looping stitch, a slanted running stitch to gather the material in place, and made sure I only went through the top layer of the jacket fabric and not through into the lining.

I added a bit more swirl onto the opposite sleeve, to finish it off, and there you have a it - a very quick and easy make-over.

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