Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First take a glass

This set of 5 glasses (which were 6 when I bought them originally) came from a local car boot sale for a euro - another one of my hard to resist bargains - luckily they were only a euro, because only 5 made it home.

To know me is to keep me away from your nice glassware as I do have a real tendancy to throw it to the ground, which would not be so bad but most of us have stone or tile floors so glasses tend not to survive that trip well.

I bought these with the intention of them being little aperitif glasses but they were so plain that I decided to decorate them a little bit.

In amongst all the junk that I have accumulated over the years, was a set of glass paints which were part of a gift box Thea had once upon a time, she decorated a couple of bottles and lost interest so they got relegated to my painting tool box.

Now I actually started painting these last year, but never got round to finishing them, put them away and forgot about them.

They came to light yesterday in amongst my spring cleaning of the buffet, they had been pushed to the back of the shelf and stacked over with herb bottles and spices and were looking more than a little dusty.

I had drawn on my outlines but not filled most of them in, and those that I had filled in, once I immersed them in some hot water yesterday to wash the dust off lost all their paint too.

So today, I filled in my flower petals, and my dragonfly wings, and touched up the greens on the leaves, now they just need to dry.

I shall have to give them a vigorous testing later and will let you know if they are suitable for aperitifs.
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Jennifer Hill said...

Your glasses are beautiful. Whether you drink out of them or not they look fab on that windowsill.

It's like having the effets of a stained glass window but in a portable way. Lovely.

I like the look of your garibaldi biscuit recipe too. Not too long a list of ingredients :-)