Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick and easy knitted flower for my hair

On Sunday I sorted out my work-in-progress basket in the living room, and found a wool remnant from a headband I made earlier in the year, as well as some yellow cord from the jumper I cut up to make my fingerless gloves and decided they had been lying around long enough and needed using up.

The flower was made by casting on 90 stitches, then K2tog K2 for the first row, then P2tog P2 in the second row, then K2tog, K2 for the third row, and then K2tog throughout the row and P2tog throughout the row on each decreasing row until 3 stitches remain then draw thread through to finish and sew sides together. The sharp decrease leaves a bobble, which I filled out with the tail end to create a round centre.

The additional petals are made by casting on 4 stitches, slip the first stitch on every other row to create a straight edge and increase every row on the other edge until you have 7 stitches, then decrease every row on the non-straight edge until you are back to 4 stitches, repeat until ideally you have 5 petals, but I only had enough wool for 4 petals.

The cord was then roughly looped around the centre bobble and each loop was then secured with a stictch.

I debated whether to fasten the flower to a hair grip or hair elastic band, but in the end have left it so I can just use a couple of bobby pins to pin the flower whether I want on my chignon.

- which sounds much posher than it is - in reality my hair is too long again and I wear it up constantly which 'feels' a little boring, so I like something to decorate my otherwise dull dull dull hair with.

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