Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best laid plans

Having had lots of good intentions of getting stuck into some wicker and willow basket weaving today - unfortunately the weather dictated a whole other set of chores.

With the poly / greenhouse starting to lean like the Tower of Pisa in the strong winds, that needed a bit of shoring up today. 

We have been fortunate so far to have only lost one tile from the barn roof - so relieved that we replaced the house roof and set the ridge tiles securely otherwise that would have been at great risk.

The buckets and lids from the waterbutts were scattered in all directions and they had to hunted down, the hay bags were missing, and large amounts of debris - mostly dead wood, covered the garden, all of which had to be gathered up before it was picked up and blown around again over the road or more worryingly into the car.

We lost our power supply some time during the night and it did not click back in until early afternoon, poor Thea with a new PS3 game and controller had to wait hours before she got to try them out.

The chicken coop roof has taken a battering and will need to be replaced this summer, it will pass for now, but with several large holes in it security is now an issue, and we do have pine martens that will not just steal eggs but attack younger smaller birds.


With school restarting tomorrow, obviously like all teens, Thea left all the preparations until the last minute, so birthday or no birthday, there was homework to be done, forms to be signed off, and a school bag to be sewn back together before anything could be put in it.  That effectively took the rest of the afternoon.
So tidying up the wind debris, fixing some wind damage, and sewing school bags together - no wicker, no willow.  Nevermind - there is always tomorrow.

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