Monday, January 18, 2010

365 days - 365 projects

Day 18 - Monday 18th January

Today's project is to remember my password to get into my blog site - done, and to upload where I started from in Facebook with my project for 2010.

And here it is...........

I will write up what I have done so far - but that will be a project for another day - so for now here are this weekend's projects.

Thursday 14th January - clean windows

We do suffer with damp in the unheated rooms in the house and unfortunately mould is a side effect of that - so today was window cleaning and curtain washing day. All the windows got cleaned, mould from the frame in the spare room and the office was bleached away and the net curtain in the spare room got a hand wash. Mundane and dull I know.

Friday 15 January - relearn to crochet

Crochet is something I pick up and discard almost as quickly because I just cannot seem to make my fingers and hands remember how the stitches are supposed to go. So I sat myself down and forced myself to complete something crocheted - and viola! one new headband finished and a new stitch - the treble crochet - learnt.

Saturday 16 January - spend time with friends

Now this should not be something that you have to schedule as a project I know - but sometimes when your friends live 1h30 mins drive away it can be easier just to email and phone and not to make the effort to drive over and physically spend time together. So on Saturday I got my act together and packed up all those old clothes from the suitcase under my bed and went and spent the day with a couple of girl friends and did some clothes swapping - and then a bit of sales shopping, as well as lunch and a glass of wine.

Sunday 17th January - animal caretaking

Another put off job - to be fair the weather has not exactly been amenable for outdoor working recently so when the sun came out this morning it was definitely not a day to waste. Out came the shovels and wheelbarrow and all the rabbits got a clean out and fresh straw, the quail got new sawdust and hay, and the chicken and duck house had a thorough cleaning. Bagged up a couple of sacks of sawdust from the death saw in the barn and spread the rest through the housing

And the catch up was -
Jan 01 - recover from hangover with some home made remedies and finally put away all the books I received for Christmas in my library by auther name - very Virgo I know.

Jan 02 - make a gift for my guests - with friends visiting from the UK, I made a gift box of chocolates decorated with pretty ribbons and sequins.

Jan 03 - replenish depleted stocks - having used lots of my flavoured oils over the holiday period I took some time to make chilli and garlic oils ready for cooking.

Jan 04 - back to work - hard to find a project for today but then it was made easy for me, as soon as I got to the village where my client is, I spent 30 mins going around kissing everyone and wishing them a happy new year, so when I got home, I did the same in our village with our neighbours - it is very traditional in France to visit and have a little drink - an apero - to wish your neighbours a prosperous and healthy new year. Toddled home quite happy.

Jan 05 - mundane stuff - chasing up missing paperwork from my current agency - this may not seem a huge project but when you have to write in French it soon becomes a gargantuine task.

Jan 06 - Funeral - another hard day for a project, when your mind is totally distracted. This was the funeral of one of my summer clients from last year where the whole family have become good friends of ours, he had cancer that spread rapidly and took him on the first of the new year. Started a new knitting project in the evening.

Jan 07 - Off to get my health cover sorted - or so I thought. The French love to have dossiers of information on everything and you would think that after 3 years I would have got my head around it all but no - missing some paperwork so back home to find that and get it photocopied ready for the next meeting.

Jan 08 - Off for a meal with friends tonight - heavy snow on the forecast so it won't be a late night, finished my hat project and a couple of decorative knitted flowers for decoration. Look out for this listing on my etsy site.

Jan 09 - LOTS AND LOTS OF SNOW - today's project - clear areas for the chickens and ducks to feed from, a path to the wood pile, and an area of straw for Milla (my horse) to stand on, although mostly she just wanted to run around kicking snow into the air.

Jan 10 - redo CV - with a meeting with our employment advisors scheduled for Monday, I took the time to sort out my CV for this year - updated with last years working experience and sent it out to various agencies via email. While I was sat at the computer I also wrote a couple of long catch up letters to friends. I am not one for telephone conversations - too many memories of work related credit calls to feel comfortable with chatting on the phone, I would much rather write a letter, but when I leave them all for so long they become a chore - which is wrong - so must resolve to write more frequently. I prefer to write by hand to be honest but with money so tight I can't afford the stamps - so emails it is.

Jan 11 - ANPE meeting - today's mission - to get them to do something about French classes for Brendan - got them to sort out some contacts for lessons, they are coming in the post so that we can get Bren learning some French - some vocabulary other than car and tractor part names!

Jan 12 - UK tax Returns - finalised all my UK tax returns before the 31st January deadline. Horrid chore but finally done - the problem with such a long deadline is I always seem to put this job off until the last minute then panic in case I have any queries and they don't get resolved in time.

Jan 13 - visit a neighbour - with one of our neighbours feeling unwell, I made some soup and popped in for a quick visit to make sure she had enough wood for her fire and something to eat. Then finally uploaded some of the photos I had taken over the holiday period and logged back onto redbubble to get them on there and enter a couple of photos for various challenges.

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